McCord Family Association


"If you have the name, you are part of the family". The word, "Clan", is the Gaelic term for "family" and we welcome members of the family regardless of the spelling. So, if your family name is Corde, Cord, McChord, McCord, McCourt, MacCord or any number of other possible spellings, or if you are a descendant of one, you can become a member.  We urge you to join us as a member.  Please print out the Special Application and send it to our Clan McCord Secretary at the following address:

Clan McCord Society
P.O. Box 471
Leola PA 17540-0471


McCord Family Line Designators

(Family Designators)

 Membership in the McCord Family Association establishes a relationship with others who are vitally interested in researching the history of the McCords as they migrated from Scotland to all parts of the world.  After receiving initial data concerning your family, our volunteer genealogists give you  a Family Line Designator that specifies the branch from which they believe you are descended.  It is hoped the information associated with your Family Designator will provide the information you need to begin the exciting journey in search of your roots.  We feel sure you will want to join us as the story of this great family is revealed.   Please consider joining us in this adventure.


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